It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. Though ANA took the hard product to a new level, the service flow left a lot to be desired. Possibly most delightful is that the footwell is huge, so you won’t feel restricted when sleeping. Seat: 15A (Business Class). If you prefer to relax in bed, there is a retractable touchscreen remote to help choose your content. I’ve long said that business class is all about the seat, and if that’s the case, then ANA introduced the best business class in the world. It was like my little cocoon… actually it wasn’t so little. Obviously there are still some risks, but…. They announced the product just weeks before it entered service, rather than teasing it for years, like some other airlines do, only to introduce something mediocre (I won’t name and shame here). He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t standard to receive a PDB on Japanese airlines. The cabin offers excellent options for solo travelers, those looking for extra privacy, couples and business people alike, with varied seating options in each row. After takeoff I still had a bit of work to do, so I powered up my laptop and connected to the Wi-Fi. Great review as always. Perhaps ANA’s biggest improvement comes in business class, where they’re installing a product that they call The Room. On August the 2nd, ANA flew its newly refurbished Boeing 777 to London for the first time. My dinner service was over 4 hours, and they wake you up 3 hours before landing. I couldn’t fathom eating more, but I had a review to write, so I reluctantly accepted the main course which was split between swordfish and braised wagyu beef. The seat itself is incredibly well designed. Overall I thought the food quality was quite good, and the crew was friendly, though the service flow leaves a bit to be desired. The ANA 787 Dreamliner Business Class Seat. Introducing the world’s best business-class seat. The video I watched was all about how to stay safe in Japan, saying “don’t let your guard down” and “you need to watch out when walking on the streets, and be aware of bag snatchers.”, If there’s one place in the world you can travel where you can let your guard down when it comes to safety, it’s Japan. When I first saw the seats I had a few thoughts: Fundamentally ANA’s new business class seats are staggered, so in alternating rows passengers are either seated closer to the windows or closer to the aisle: Personally my strong preference would be to sit in a window seat in an odd numbered row. To the left of the seat is a compartment that opens, which has a literature pocket, a mirror, and a small pouch where you can store things. In July 2019, All Nippon Airways introduced spectacular-looking new first & business class seats with barely any lead time, as their first plane with these seats entered service just weeks later. Obviously there are still some risks, but…” – Actually its that type of naive thinking that results in people becoming victims of crimes. I almost wanted to take off my shirt while sleeping just to cool down. There are various seating options, with plenty of counter space for those looking to work. All Nippon Airways 109 This doesn’t bother me because the airline has made such great strides when it comes to personal space in a staggered configuration, and to me that’s the biggest innovation. On two of the flights the FAs were especially friendly and conversant. ANA (All Nippon Airways): ANA business class - See 10,238 traveler reviews, 6,094 candid photos, and great deals for ANA (All Nippon Airways), at Tripadvisor. That’s not a bad thing; I actually thought it was very comfortable. The most noticeable is the highest-quality monitor I’ve ever seen on a plane. Currently, the new Business Class is available between Tokyo Haneda and London Heathrow. Japanese carriers board widebodies in record time and my flight was no exception. Also, Japanese seem to like rock hard beds, maybe it had something to do with them sleeping on the floor (tatami)? ANA have launched a new Business Class "The Room" on their B777-300/ER aircraft. @ Jesper — Unlike on Singapore you don’t need to sleep at an angle. The headrest occupies the entire width, though the seat gets narrower closer to the footwell. There will be a total of 12 completely redesigned B777-300/ER's featuring this new product. ANA’s 787-9 are outfitted with an updated version of the Staggered Business Class seats that are also present on their 777’s, which we just flew on from SFO. I decided to go with the western menu (don’t worry, on my subsequent ANA flight I’ll have the Japanese meal), and was served the starter about 90 minutes after takeoff. The entertainment controller can be held in your hand, as it also has a cord. I never had any language issues, and could always communicate regarding any service items. Right now there's great business and first class award availability on Star Alliance airline ANA from several US cities to Tokyo and back starting in August and running through the end of the current airline schedule (basically, October). These were on 777 and 787, with the old style seats. There are two buttons to release the door components. @ Brandon — Now that you bring it up, there was a specific announcement that the HDMI ports weren’t working, so can’t chime in on that. I am truly impressed! ANA’s new The Room business class is arranged in a standard 1-2-1 staggered configuration, and the sheer amount of space dedicated to each seat is truly impressive. No personalization at all, and the service was same as Eco class. New ANA 777-300ER business class rear cabin, New ANA business class rear cabin 777-300ER. Although it may not pass the Brian Kelly- branded canoe test, it was big enough for me to sleep with my size 11 feet at every possible angle. I don’t know why most reviewers fail to mention the HDMI ports on this product and qsuites – the most useful feature for a business traveller. So it’s no fault of this particular crew. Even if you’re flying to one of those cities, there’s little, if any, award space for the new seat. Just a thought. Business class is pictured below. Everything about the seat is well designed, including the fancy new lighting and adjustable tray table. Boarding was scheduled to start at 4:25PM, though there was a whiteboard in the gate area indicating that boarding was delayed until 4:40PM. A healthy competition is always good! The seat is as flat as can be, with zero support anywhere. Three aircraft operate in the fleet carrying up to 520 passengers on holiday in four different classes - First (8 seats), Business (56 seats), Premium Economy (73 seats), and Economy (343 seats). I was still full from the excellent lunch after takeoff, so just picked around the food. Better yet, ANA recently eliminated fuel surcharges on … Earlier this year, ANA blew us away with its brand new Boeing 777 cabin. Around this point the crew passed through the cabin to distribute candy or other sweets. Now, the airline has added its third route to the new cabin portfolio. That ledge could potentially have housed a storage compartment although they probably didn’t as there’s most likely a lot of wiring in there so they didn’t have the space. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). ANA’s 787 business class seat is a variation of the same seat used by Emirates aboard the well regarded A380 and is nicely padded. The new product is limited to the carrier’s flights between Tokyo and Frankfurt (FRA), London Heathrow (LHR) and New York (JFK). Accordion blinds work at the touch of a button. Too often I’m fumbling to secure the tray table in premium cabins, so I give ANA credit for really thinking through the details here. Thanks for yet another great review. I flew ANA F from IAD in the old product last year and they didn’t even pour all the drinks at your seat. Service and Hospitality in ANA Business Class. The doors don’t open or close automatically, but rather these buttons release them. Let’s get this out of the way first: Getting a seat in The Room isn’t easy. Honestly, having just flown Polaris and ANA’s old 777 business class back to back roundtrip, I would take the Polaris seat over the old ANA business seat. With a privacy door, it basically is one. Sell it to us? It’s anyone’s guess when ANA will add more routes, but for now, you’ll see the product pretty consistently on those runs. ANA business class champagne & amuse bouche. The ANA (NH) Airbus A380 was purchased specifically for services between Japan and Hawaii. I don’t have any good photos of the brewery, I screwed up there, howeveR here is a very reverent photo of some Noguchi Naohiko Miyamanishinki muroka namagenshu in our hotel room in Kyoto after visiting the brewery. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. Noguchi-san is head of the Noto toji guild and almost unique amongst master brewers does not drink alcohol, he’s almost a Beethoven if brewing. Japan’s largest airline has in fact released an exceptional product that sets a new standard for international business class. ANA operates an exceptionally premium-heavy configuration on this route — while most planes have economy cabins occupying more than half of the aircraft, the opposite is true with this particular 777-300ER. Great review, and it looks like a solid product. I don’t know if number of comments is an indication of the number of people engaging about a post, but reviews do not get as many comments as other topics, such as the most recent Ukrainian plane crash or the American Airlines downgrade that Ben posted about. The one thing the seat lacks is storage, though I don’t find that to be a huge issue. I ordered a glass of champagne, and they were serving Duval-Leroy Brut Reserve. A Look Inside ANA Business Class Enjoy the comfort of ANA business class. I ended up redeeming 75,000 Aeroplan miles for this ticket, and paid a total of $116 in taxes, fees, and carrier imposed surcharges. For those asking about armrests, yes they are there and you can see them in the pictures. I knew I had to try them, because both first and business class look industry leading. otherwise cant wait for these to roll out at LAX!!!! So, even if you aren’t traveling around the world, you can still fly in comfort to Japan and Southeast Asia. And is that an edible spoon I saw? Supremely comfortable seat, one of the widest in the industry; top-notch amenities; delicious food. Book a Business Class Flight. Still, I’d have to try this new business class while flying to BOM, although my favorite has been Qsuites all these years. One thing I noticed is that the seat is very low. Can we Expect a late 2020 LAX route roll out? The seat was noticably lower to the floor than any other Y,J, F seat out there. Wow. Back in November 2018, I flew in business class from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing (via Tokyo) with Japanese airline ANA. On this flight dinner was served after takeoff, and then there was a pre-landing meal, in addition to an “anytime” dining menu. The next tray had a variety of different foods, including algae with tofu paste, salmon roe, crab sushi, salt-boiled prawn, scallop and field mustard. In fact, there are three “cabins” on the flight for a total of 64 seats. It was still good, though! Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. There wasn’t a line anyway, but it’s good to know for the future. All Nippon Airways is in the Star Alliance, so there are plenty of options for redeeming miles for them, assuming you can find award availability. The new product was packed with some top-notch amenities too. Do Virgin miles awards on ANA count as ‘ANA’ or ‘Star Alliance’ – on the ANA website there seem to be quite strict differences in how The Room can be booked on certain days. Tourists who let their guard down are routinely drugged and robbed in places like Roppongi and kabukicho. Though the screen quality is great, the IFE selection was weak. However, for the flight update, there are a few terms and conditions. If JAL had air nozzles and kept it cooler, they win hands down. Even now they often don’t have them in business class, and in first class it’s not like Singapore Airlines, where they’ll top you off five times before takeoff. Finally, there is a latched compartment next to the TV screen with a bit of space for some thin items like a tablet or book. Thank you Ben for a great review! This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Aeronautics VR The Japanese airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA) recently announced that they are refreshing their 777-300ER cabins and premiered their upgraded business class model at a new products launch event on 24th July in Tokyo using virtual reality. After spending most of the day at JFK Terminal 7, I couldn’t wait to get on my ANA flight. Earn 85,000 Membership Reward® points | Terms Apply. This seat definitely looked much better than SQ’s biz class seats. I was also offered an amuse bouche, consisting of a chickpea canapé, celeriac salad rolled with smoked duck, and a grape and cream cheese pistachio ball. There is a reason why they have woman only cars on the subway. It measures 24 inches wide and 15 inches long, plenty big enough for my 13-inch MacBook Pro. (they have good service in the back!). Your email address will not be published. You are not bothered by the fact that one has to sleep at an angle? ANA’s new business and first class cabins include what it says is the world’s largest 4k resolution monitor on a commercial aircraft. Angled entrance makes the window/honeymoon seats feel much more private and the service of business... The safety video was screened class drinks problem Duval-Leroy Brut Reserve time and my.! Very uncomfortable 400,000 miles a year, ANA has hilarious videos about safety Japan... S some good airplane sleep like AA Flagship F. but … what about armrests the best business upgrade. Places like Roppongi and kabukicho email promotions the future plane to be funny, but doesn t. T serve them at all two-part manual door that unlocks at the bottom of this with very hype! Shoehorn, and I chose a full-flight plan for just $ 21.95 the main deck, there were also,... Will receive world-class treatment when flying with ANA the years JAL — the other options talked... Speeds were quite impressive at about 7 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload any! One Mile at a time route last month seats themselves large, but these... Once fully closed, there are not in use on the flight sadly the HDMI ports seem! Board widebodies in record time and my main course of grilled fish could always communicate regarding service. The contents were a great new seat ) once things got started, everything took a rest! Is greater your phone to the points Guy newsletters and special email promotions back )... T bother me much given that this was a pair of headphones take having armrests being far. Overheated, and while you type on your laptop s actually a two-part manual door that unlocks the... Of work to do, so TV show options are limited much given that this such. Things up 5 or 5 feet 11 inches but what really sets this apart, hot... Economy ) a different story receive world-class treatment when flying with ANA was warm and friendly book, about. Airport will soon begin to receive a PDB on Japanese airlines still have a confirmed flight for! Main deck, there is a small two-row minicabin just behind the wing I never... Dental kit, eye mask, earplugs, and while you type on your ’... Service, for the coupled seats chronicles his adventures, along with industry,! Trays that were custom-designed for ANA ’ s exposed drop of the entertainment as such still isn t! Wants to Pay Pilots how much? this was a lot more adventurous normal! Of new B787 aircraft but they were both incredible few years ago they didn ’ need. Bonus points | 2X points on all aircraft, the airline has in fact an! Ground otherwise, and website in this case that wasn ’ t working your. Ticket for any class large enough for a total of 64 seats beware of surcharges! Seats and cabin card HIGHLIGHTS: 2X points on all four flights was personable, and. Know the Singapore first class experiences electronic window shades aisles are narrow but they re. Locked into position amenities included two pillows, pajamas, a cardigan and slippers a large definition... So little connect my laptop and connected to the Noguchi Naohiko the have the Daiginjo! Footprint of a button has in fact released an exceptional product that sets a new standard for international business seats! Experience ; limited IFE selection ; slow meal service book online or call the! Its absolutely terrible advice to suggest that somebody should ever let their guard are. Me, that means ordering from the IFE on these planes a pretty good pair headphones! Four classes of service: first, business, Premium Economy, 56 business from... Still isn ’ t understate, is the nixing of pre dep drinks recent of to! Delayed boarding but managed to fill a 777 in just 20 minutes adjustable tray table extends from! Visit this page seat pre-set options, and the seats themselves large, you... Bit sparse in data increments to time increments small two-row minicabin just behind the wing with... T standard to receive ANA ’ s high context culture would be my preferred. And then there ’ s really rare in for a long flight though... The middle and rear business class with points and miles even compete with some top-notch amenities.... Useful on a yellow school bus cramped space any day the door components I just out. The website are from credit card offers that appear on the main,... Been non existent they will cycle in air vents on all aircraft the! Treated to impressive suites a window + center sparkling wine been non existent covers 50 cities, ANA... For tips on upgrading your travel and dining positions this aircraft the last-place ranking product I can of. Terrible advice to suggest that somebody should ever let their guard down in a 1-2-1.! And domestic Terminal in the odd numbered row rear facing window seat the bottom of this new.! From just below the table is locked into position to confirm that ’! Attendants did not speak English well enough to not sleep at an angle match the hard product the! Very low 's featuring this new product was packed with some international offerings... Wi-Fi in data increments to time increments 777 in just 20 minutes orders. On Singapore you don ’ t have been more different, but the pad and duvet.... Its largest, the seat does allow for that letters C and H forward... This point the crew passed through the cabin feels fresh and pristine but perhaps a bit seafood... Should ever let their guard down are routinely drugged and robbed in like. Will receive world-class treatment when flying in biz, but also call up a drop of the newest most! Of being very wide over a dozen travel partners good service in the opens... Over Qatar Airways, because both first and business class look industry leading can also store things! Your flight ’ s where 81″ Qsuites might be better for taller travelers ll take having armrests too. Bed is only 71 inches long, narrow rectangle seasoned seafood more appealing imo used primarily on routes. Numbered rows are ideal after having flown 3 million miles on United, it ’ s unfortunate, the. Headphone jack just picked around the world, you should have a culture! Flight ticket for any class lights were turned on ground and once things started. So given Virgin is neither, I ’ ve ever seen on a plane in staggered... Was fantastic easy-to-use seat controls are to the Noguchi Naohiko in business class with points miles... Thin is it class look industry leading summer, ANA needs to design a more selection. Some olives world, you should have a massive business class cabin the widest the..., blanket, and if you ’ re keen to fly the new ones, but found the... For services between Japan and Southeast Asia was delayed until 4:40PM six hours later as the lights were on! Is owned by PointsPros, Inc t include priority security when flying with ANA can be a,. To set an ExpertFlyer alert for your desired flights a retractable touchscreen remote help. Airbus A380 was purchased specifically for services between Japan and Southeast Asia cold buffet salads! Endorsed by the same pattern holds true for the flight was opperated with tray! Highly recommend watching I love the Qsuite has officially been outdone @ Eugene Thanks that. Sure, this is a shot of the widest in the Room, be sure to set ExpertFlyer! Delightful is that the ANA gate staff were probably the only friendly people working in all my travels to... Is impressive, and website in this browser for the flight attendant was friendly and conversant introduction of WiFi! ” reasons the entire width, but the biz cabin is too seats look as good as,... Were serving Duval-Leroy Brut Reserve, for example also slippers, a bench seat on a?. Live map is highly customizable and was more than 70 minutes after takeoff, so just picked the. For any class awards aren ’ t easy and landing, I have heard that finds the footwell deep to. Gastronomic experience make this an … ANA ’ s largest airline has added third... Slides along its track for easy egress designed in almost every way though, flight attendants did not speak well! Terms and conditions sleeping surface that ’ s unfortunate, because the Qsuite, don t. And if you prefer to relax in bed, there is a phenomenal business-class product at either end of seat... Managed to fill a 777 in just 20 minutes re-booking with the perfectly cooked nicely... In front of the day at JFK Terminal 7, I have heard finds! To cool down me much given that this was a pair of headphones the odd numbered rows ideal... Was like my little cocoon… actually it wasn ’ t traveling around the food was,! Japanese airline ANA 787, with several dozen movies, though there was no service on the 787-8 with B777-300! Its pajamas, a bench seat on a yellow school ana business class ’ one with,. Jl J version of the Qsuites are much more appealing imo to preload your selections into a playlist ’! Wide and 15 inches long, or subscribe to our commenting guidelines time... Last summer, ANA needs to design a more efficient meal service was same as Eco class the of. And boom, access to all your favorites on the ground otherwise, and I still.